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Now’s the Perfect Time for a Kids Checkup

January 1, 2014

Now that the holidays have come and gone, you can sit down and take stock of your kid’s health. That means scheduling doctor’s appointment with the family pediatrician and a trip to your Dentist in Magnificent Mile Downtown in Chicago.

Chances are you didn’t see everything your kids ate over the holidays. Aunt Sally and Uncle John didn’t waste any time passing out the homemade fudge and your best friend Jennifer couldn’t wait to share her award winning petit fours. Little hands were probably the first to snatch up the goodies that only come around once a year. However, it’s more than tummy aches that your kids will have to deal with. Over the next few weeks those cakes, cookies, pies and will have built up on your kids teeth making it harder to brush and floss. Schedule an appointment with. It’s bad enough when adults get peanut brittle stuck in their teeth, but it’s even worse for kids.

Go online or pick up the phone and schedule a check up for your kids. Your 12-year-old son may think his teeth are perfectly fine but if it’s been about 6 months since the last checkup, it’s time to call your Kids Dentist in Chicago.

Tooth decay can strike at any time, but especially after holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween. Even if your tried to give your kids healthy treats by making everything yourself, those caramel apples that you made for Halloween and the pecan fudge that you surprised everyone with for Christmas is still loaded with sugar.

This year start the year off right with a New Year’s resolution list that includes dental appointments for the whole family starting with Chicago Kids. Those healthy oral hygiene habits that you show your kids now, will definitely pay off in the future.

Don’t let another month go by without scheduling an appointment with the Best Kids Dentist in downtown Chicago Kids Dentist.

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